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Moving and Packing tips

  • Use packing paper or towels to ensure items are not rattling inside of the boxes. 

  • Old newspaper can be used as packing paper, but it the ink in the newspaper can stain items being packed so be cautious of it. 

  • Pack room by room, labeling each box with it's location in the new home and a box number with an inventory of it's contents. 

  • Ensure that all boxes are able to hold the weight that is packed within the boxes. The bottoms falling out make it difficult to move safely.

  • Pack heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes. 

  • Pack all fragile items in boxes and label them so our movers know which items to handle and pack in the truck with special care. 

  • Canned goods should be packed in small boxes due to the weight of them.

  • Flammable materials and aerosols are prohibited. Ensure anything with gasoline in it is emptied. The customer is responsible for any damages caused by theses items. 

  • Electronics and computers should be packed in the original boxes if possible. 

  • Artwork and mirrors should be placed in specialized boxes and labeled as fragile.

  • Driver licenses, birth certificates, social security cards and other personal documents of such should be kept with the customer.

  • If there are any items the customer wants moved into the new location first, let our staff know before they began moving as those items would need to be loaded last.